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In 2011, in the fun-filled city of San Francisco, downtown, somewhere near a Pier, at a hotel terrace, with a bunch of enthused women, I had my first experience of sniffing fragrance oils and understanding the basics of perfume. Ever. I was instantly hooked! Before then I had been like most people- unwittingly buying and wearing whatever was on trend at the time and convincing myself that it worked for me. The next year took me on a journey through which I learned the basics of perfumery, how chemistry affects everything, the sources of perfume and how to craft a unique scent for each, unique individual. It was because in this year I joined the California-based company that trained me, purchased my starter kit in artisanal fragrance design and picked up several books that taught me much more about the deep, intoxicating world of senses, of olfactory, and communities for sourcing and design. Following this awe-inspiring experience i decided to embark on my own and begun running workshops and crafting personalized scents for women in my social circles, as and when i could. I've found perfume-crafting to be like novel-writing; you simply search for the right words through which to tell a story. Each of us as individuals has a story to tell. Through my handmade perfumes, and now, through my commercial signature scent I aim to expose the woman that is bottled up inside. I know- fascinating! Since then i've undertaken many fragrance design workshops, including visits to renowned fragrance factories in the world's home of perfumery, Grasse in France.

About the signature scent:

B U By Bhatupe is an eau de parfum for women. This limited edition fragrance comes in a 50ml Paris-style Flacon/bottle. I chose white as the background color not only to highlight its very unique and curvy logo but also to have it symbolize a fresh canvas on which all of our dreams can be painted. This is because over the past 14 years I've seen the value of dreaming up and lusting after new dreams for myself to keep going. The brand name B U by Bhatupe is inspired by the push to see that the next generation of women and girls see that with so many products, trends and MUST-have items out in the beauty world we must not forget also to just be ourselves, go after what we really like, and forgo what we don't. Or we become clones of each other, lacking depth. B U by Bhatupe is a subtle, yet seductive scent, so it is fitting to wear day or night, for special occasions or every day, as you decide.

My creative approach to the work is a very personal one. Face-to-face meetings are preferable, whereat the client's desired objective for the perfume is established. This is the most critical part as in this 1 hour or more that I dedicate to each client clues and preferences are picked up, behaviors observed and mannerisms, style, charm, wit (or lack thereof) noted. Useful information. Based on this information a personality profile for each client can be built, which basically indicates what compounds to eliminate and which to try. It is on this basis that the concept creation can begin. But it has to be given time to percolate. Usually, in about 24 hours or less the concept becomes more concrete and I am able to move from concept to design and craft the ideal fragrance. The order then ships right after creation. Meaning that each design is dispatched within 2-3 days of our encounter.
To schedule a free perfume consultation with me click here.

Love & light in your path, always!


Creative Designer.

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